My name is Ajay Sunarthi.

I'm a 23 year old, graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur in Systems Science.

I'd love to join your team and create some awesome stuff with you !!

Ajay Sunarthi

I practice the dark art of crafting amazing front end experience for awesome people.

How can I help you ?

Coding Skills

  • StructuringHTML,CSS
  • InteractivityJavaScript
  • LibrariesAngular,JQuery,+dozon more
  • Server sideNodeJS
  • Crafting HTML & CSS code into delightful responsive web design
  • Adding interactivity to your sites using JavaScript
  • Experience with handling javascript on high to low level
  • Coding single page web applications using Angular
  • Taking responsibility of your app on every level
  • Can design/deal with complex api's
  • Researching and implementing new features/algo's
  • Can act as Nightwatchman and shoot server side issues as well

Design Skills

  • User Interface Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Wireframing your imagination
  • Creating eye pleasing User Interfaces
  • Designing your new website layout
  • Creating trendy visuals
  • An eye to check for new trends
  • Coding interactive prototypes for your new projects

Other Skills

  • Programming as Art
  • Version Control
  • Testing
  • SEO
  • Creative writing
  • Writing modular javascript in functional,Object Oriented or some other way
  • Using latest tech in performant ways,giving you edge over your competition
  • Optimizing the overall performance of your web applications
  • Maintaining and saving the code of your complex projects using Git
  • Unit, integration and behavior testing to ensure application functionality
  • Writing beautiful and engaging articles / stories for your websites
  • Ensuring Cross-Browser compatibility and web standards

I can benefit your team by

  • Meticulously working on your product design. Not only design but autual working as well !!
  • Bringing new ideas and looking things from a different perspective.
  • Planning and growth hacking your marketing strategy
  • Launching and managing your online brand and product campaigns

Some of the works I have done

More could be found on my Github.

Meet some of my UI stuff on codepen

More designs could be found on my codepen.

My story

Born in a traditional Rajasthani family in Kota,Rajasthan. Showed academic excellence from an early age. By age 11,started reading books from various contexts particularly from Hindi classical literature.

After completing the school education cleared JEE and joined IIT Jodhpur in 2011. During the engineering, got interested in Athletics. Showed immense potential on the track with continous practice and hardwork for 4 years. Learned the mechanics of various track and field sports.

Started searching for the true sense of passion that can be joyfully practiced for the whole life. Thought about various career paths including Civil services, MBA, Data Science. Landed upon UX/UI design/development. From there on strongly pursuing the front end development.

I like to spend my time on Hackerrank,Codewars,StackOverflow and Quora.

After graduating in July,2015,I joined my father in our family business.

Now the time has come to look for a good company to work with. Curruntly I am looking for a full time working opportunity anywhere in India.

Monthly coding time on wakatime

Courses done during graduation

Semester Ⅰ

  • Mathematics Ⅰ
  • Physics Ⅰ
  • Programming & Data Structure
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Physics Lab

Semester Ⅱ

  • System Integration & Design
  • Mathematics Ⅱ
  • Physics Ⅱ
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry Lab

Semester Ⅲ

  • Object Oriented System Design
  • Mathematics Ⅲ
  • Physics Ⅱ
  • Biology Lab
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Intro. to Electronics
  • CGI

Semester Ⅳ

  • Probability & Statics
  • Signals & Systems
  • System Science Ⅰ
  • Intro. to Mechanical Systems
  • Material Lab
  • Intro. to Electrical Engineering

Semester Ⅴ

  • Information Theory
  • Electical Stress and Dielectrics
  • Socio Economic Networks & Business Dynamics
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Manufaturing Systems
  • Embedded Systems

Semester Ⅵ

  • System Design
  • Control Systems & Robotics
  • Financial Engineering
  • Systems Design Lab
  • Financial Risk Management

Semester Ⅶ

  • OR Optimization
  • Foundations of Sustanibility
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Large scale numerical simulations

Semester Ⅶ

  • Stellar Astrophysics
  • Life & professional skill development
  • Cultural Arts and Haritage

If you are further interested in my awesome projects/works done during the engineering.You can view/ download my CV.Pressing the button,below.

Will I fit into your team ?

I love athletics

Passion for athletics

books are awesome

beautifully bookish

traveling is fun

I love to travel

I love food

I am a foodie,too